Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Literature and the Arts

Hi, this week our topic will be Literature and the Arts Links,

It is one small but cute category from the Tutor/mentor Connection link library.
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Guys read
Guys read is site dedicated to guy tested and guy approved books.

Why, how, who? The data from data from the National Center for Education Statistic suggest that boys consistently score lower than girls on national reading and writing tests.

In an effort to engage boys in reading, former schoolteacher Jon Scieszka has launched an Internet initiative called Guys Read. The idea is to provide boys a place to meet and talk about reading.

So, boys check it. Girls are welcome.

Teaching Animation to Students

Film Education is a charity with mission to utilize film as a powerful educational tool. And… they have been doing that since 1984. Remember, 1984 was a time without YouTube, digital cameras, a time without e-mail… even without Google.

Their long tradition and big community (National Schools Film Week a nationwide festival that was attended by 400,000 young people in 2008) has resulted in very interesting and useful web site at:

Check it; free resources cover a wide range of curriculum areas and include film clips, Teachers' Notes and a range of activities.

Where peace lives is a site developed with mission to teach effective conflict-resolution and peace building skills to build bridges of cultural understanding and mutual respect through art and media forwarding the conversations for peace in the world.

Check it out; find a way to use art as peace generator.

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