Friday, March 20, 2009

College Resources.


It’s the third week of College and Career Month. So, you probably know what you want to do; you know which career path is for you … or at least you know in which direction you want to go.

Of course a college education is an important component of your career voyage. Important and expensive! But do not worry; there are numerous resources to get a scholarship or loan for your education. In this post I will mention a few good starting points for your research.

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FastWEB is an acronym for (F)inancial (A)id (S)earch (T)hrough the (WEB). It is a free online scholarship matching service and college search service founded in 1995. This company was one of the first 100 commercial websites in the United States. FastWeb is recommended by more than 16,000 high schools and 3,600 colleges.

Find out why on will provide you with information on college scholarships and financial aid, free college scholarship searches, colleges and universities, and college and university admissions and financial aid office email addresses and telephone numbers. Furthermore, very valuable SAT and ACT test preparation tips can be found at the site.

Find more at: will provide you with information on top colleges and vocational schools, and degree programs that are are right up your alley. Whether you're just graduating from high school or looking for continuing adult education programs, the website is a good place to start.

Find out more at:

What do you think about those resources? Did you find a scholarship that can work for you? Or can you suggest a better resource?

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