Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tutor/Mentor Connection Links Library


Have you checked the Tutor/Mentor Connection Links Library recently? It contains 1500 entries. Which ones are your favorites? Or which group of links? We share these links with people from around the world. We want to encourage you to get to know them, and learn to use them yourself.

There are 24 links groups; if you are interested in public schools you have group designated just for that, if you are interested in content to enhance your or your child/mentee’s Arts, Science or Math skills – there are groups dedicated solely to those subjects as well. Therefore, if you have not checked it out yet – I encourage you to do so now.

You can probably guess that my favorite links group is educational technology. But… which linked website is the best; none of them – or all of them; it is hard to say. Therefore, let’s check some of them.

Starting this week, we're launching a new educational activity in SVHATS called Cool Links & Cool Cash. The goal is for students and volunteers to get to know the links in Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) site and, to learn to use these for school work, volunteer service, and college and career planning.

As an encouragement to spend time learning about these links, we're offering the opportunity to earn Cool Cash.

The rules are simple:

1. Each week I will describe a few websites in specific sections of the Links Library in my blog (blog.mentorforme.org). This week, I'm focusing on the section titled Science, Math, and Engineering.

2. Go to the Tutor/Mentor Connection Links Library that I've pointed to; Skim the links, and post a comment in SVHATS about the described web site. Why do you like it; why not. Would you recommend it to your friend… or not? Do you know about a better website?3. Earn Cool Cash. For each properly formatted post – you will get $2 (up to 2 posts per week).

4. Every Friday I will post a new blog article, describing a different section of the links library. You can review these from home, school or when you are at Cabrini Connections.

PS: If you are not part of Cabrini Connections, but a visitor from a different tutor/mentor program in Chicago, or a different city, we hope you will browse the links too, and use them in your own efforts to help kids through school and into careers.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

I hope that over the coming weeks and months, a growing number of Cabrini Connections students and volunteers will learn to use the information on the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site for their own personal development, as well as to take on growing responsibilities in helping President Obama solve the problems facing this nation.

The web site is interactive. You can post comments and rate the web sites you visit, in addition to posting comments in SVHATS. You can also add new links that you learn about.

By visiting these links and learning what they offer, then sharing this with other students and volunteers, you're taking on a leadership, and "knowledge management" role.

As you learn to do this well you'll find that you are building personal power that will enable you to be anything you want to be, and solve some of the major problems that we face in life.

If you're visiting from another program in Chicago, or another city, I hope you'll use the links library the same way, and that you'll set up your own program to encourage your students and volunteers to become more involved with this information.

If you do, please post a comment to share your ideas, or post a link to the web site where you share your ideas and strategies.

That's the whole purpose.