Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Science, Math, and Engineering

Today’s featured links are grouped as Science, Math, and Engineering in the Tutor/Mentor Connections Links Database.

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Volunteering Produces Health Benefits. Read the article A New Benefit for Future City Mentors: Volunteering Produces Health Benefits and find how Mentoring can increase your health.

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The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center is an ever-expanding resource for anyone interested in exploring career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare. Explore over 170 degree fields and find out about education requirements, salaries, networking, precollege ideas, and career planning resources

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Consumers Guide to Afterschool Science Resources. On link you can find the Consumer’s Guide to Afterschool Science Resources. Those pages contains reviews of high-quality, hands-on science content for afterschool programs.

Reviewed materials include semester and year long curricula, activity kits, instructor guides consisting of many related activities, and Web sites that offer content appropriate for afterschool programs. Users of this guide are able to search and sort entries by title, subject, grade level, audience, and cost.

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The Chicago 1st Black Inventors/ Entrepreneurs Organization's (CFBIEO) provide resources that will help members (you?) to convert invention into a successful product.

Find more at: Kids today are the digital generation. Right? They use computers and superfunctional mobile phones better than we used a knife and fork when we were 12. Yet, our schools are still in the middle of industrial revolution. Big classes, uniform industrial educational approach – one model for everybody… Looks the same as it was 80 or 800 years ago.

It seems that there is a huge gap between the current state of our educational system and the needs of our students (the time we live in, the technology we use). is a website created by The George Lucas Educational Foundation to address that issue. Check it, and you will find very interesting, multimedia reach, articles/videos about Project Learning, Technology Integration, Teacher/Mentor Development, Assessment and bunch of other things we can do in order to increase the quality of education/mentoring we provide.

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Discover Egypt’s Pyramids by This well-illustrated tutorial about Egypt’s Pyramids is available at You as a visitor can scroll across the different pyramids, revealing their interior organization and a number of facts about their construction and so on. Let the research begin…

Fermilab is committed to enhancing mathematics and science education and stimulating science literacy. Laboratory education programs serve students from prekindergarten to graduate research scientists in training.

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Project Exploration is a nonprofit science education organization that makes science accessible to the public—especially minority youth and girls—through personalized experiences with scientists and science. It serves as inspiration and tool to transform their lives by offering opportunities to interact with scientists and hands-on experiences with the wonders of science.

Check how we can use the project exploration method to help your mentee.

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