Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Science, Math, and Engineering

Today’s featured links are grouped as Science, Math, and Engineering in the Tutor/Mentor Connections Links Database.

So, let’s start.

Volunteering Produces Health Benefits. Read the article A New Benefit for Future City Mentors: Volunteering Produces Health Benefits and find how Mentoring can increase your health.

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The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center is an ever-expanding resource for anyone interested in exploring career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare. Explore over 170 degree fields and find out about education requirements, salaries, networking, precollege ideas, and career planning resources

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Consumers Guide to Afterschool Science Resources. On link you can find the Consumer’s Guide to Afterschool Science Resources. Those pages contains reviews of high-quality, hands-on science content for afterschool programs.

Reviewed materials include semester and year long curricula, activity kits, instructor guides consisting of many related activities, and Web sites that offer content appropriate for afterschool programs. Users of this guide are able to search and sort entries by title, subject, grade level, audience, and cost.

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The Chicago 1st Black Inventors/ Entrepreneurs Organization's (CFBIEO) provide resources that will help members (you?) to convert invention into a successful product.

Find more at: Kids today are the digital generation. Right? They use computers and superfunctional mobile phones better than we used a knife and fork when we were 12. Yet, our schools are still in the middle of industrial revolution. Big classes, uniform industrial educational approach – one model for everybody… Looks the same as it was 80 or 800 years ago.

It seems that there is a huge gap between the current state of our educational system and the needs of our students (the time we live in, the technology we use). is a website created by The George Lucas Educational Foundation to address that issue. Check it, and you will find very interesting, multimedia reach, articles/videos about Project Learning, Technology Integration, Teacher/Mentor Development, Assessment and bunch of other things we can do in order to increase the quality of education/mentoring we provide.

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Discover Egypt’s Pyramids by This well-illustrated tutorial about Egypt’s Pyramids is available at You as a visitor can scroll across the different pyramids, revealing their interior organization and a number of facts about their construction and so on. Let the research begin…

Fermilab is committed to enhancing mathematics and science education and stimulating science literacy. Laboratory education programs serve students from prekindergarten to graduate research scientists in training.

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Project Exploration is a nonprofit science education organization that makes science accessible to the public—especially minority youth and girls—through personalized experiences with scientists and science. It serves as inspiration and tool to transform their lives by offering opportunities to interact with scientists and hands-on experiences with the wonders of science.

Check how we can use the project exploration method to help your mentee.

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That is it for today. There are a few more interesting links in Science, Math, and Engineering .
Why I did not mentioned them here? Well… some things you have research on your own. Just go to Science, Math, and Engineering
and browse.

And send us your comments.

Interesting; right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BBC - Cool Site

BBC Education. BBC or the British Broadcasting Corporation is the world's largest broadcaster (28,500 employees). It is incorporated in the European Union (UK) by government charter; with a mission "to inform, educate and entertain”. The BBC reaches more than 200 countries and is available to more than 274 million households (its nearest competitor CNN – is available in 200 million households).

As you can notice – everything is big with the BBC.
Big, maybe even too big. For example, two years ago BBC started an online educational service called BBC Jam (BBC Digital Curriculum) with annual budget of $200 million. However, since the BBC Jam, as an high quality, interactive, and free(!) service, outshone most of competitors from commercial sector, the European Commission suspended BBC Jam programming on 20 March 2007.

It’s regrettable, yes…… but,the allegations are true. Even now, after suspension of the Jam BBC, online materials and activities overwhelm most of the competition. Just check or and you will find bunch of educational highly interactive (and entertaining) games, interesting content and interactive tutorials.

How do you like it?

Tutor/Mentor Connection Links Library


Have you checked the Tutor/Mentor Connection Links Library recently? It contains 1500 entries. Which ones are your favorites? Or which group of links? We share these links with people from around the world. We want to encourage you to get to know them, and learn to use them yourself.

There are 24 links groups; if you are interested in public schools you have group designated just for that, if you are interested in content to enhance your or your child/mentee’s Arts, Science or Math skills – there are groups dedicated solely to those subjects as well. Therefore, if you have not checked it out yet – I encourage you to do so now.

You can probably guess that my favorite links group is educational technology. But… which linked website is the best; none of them – or all of them; it is hard to say. Therefore, let’s check some of them.

Starting this week, we're launching a new educational activity in SVHATS called Cool Links & Cool Cash. The goal is for students and volunteers to get to know the links in Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) site and, to learn to use these for school work, volunteer service, and college and career planning.

As an encouragement to spend time learning about these links, we're offering the opportunity to earn Cool Cash.

The rules are simple:

1. Each week I will describe a few websites in specific sections of the Links Library in my blog ( This week, I'm focusing on the section titled Science, Math, and Engineering.

2. Go to the Tutor/Mentor Connection Links Library that I've pointed to; Skim the links, and post a comment in SVHATS about the described web site. Why do you like it; why not. Would you recommend it to your friend… or not? Do you know about a better website?3. Earn Cool Cash. For each properly formatted post – you will get $2 (up to 2 posts per week).

4. Every Friday I will post a new blog article, describing a different section of the links library. You can review these from home, school or when you are at Cabrini Connections.

PS: If you are not part of Cabrini Connections, but a visitor from a different tutor/mentor program in Chicago, or a different city, we hope you will browse the links too, and use them in your own efforts to help kids through school and into careers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The New Tutor Mentor Exchange site is online. Have you checked it? New design, updated content, a bunch of new features…how do you like it?

Joomla? Yes, yes, it is build on the Joomla! CMS engine. Joomla! is the most popular and one of the best Content Management Systems around.

Easier & better content management. Joomla! provide numerous features that ease content management. Therefore it will be easier to keep the content updated. Also, it will be easier to collaborate on content development. Joomla! allows 7 different group of users; three from the back (administrator) end and four from the front end. That means – it will be easy to share tasks and responsibilities.


Enough about Joomla (you can find more about Joomla! at Let’s say a few words about the site. That is the focus of this article.

How to! As you can notice, is full of interesting articles that will guide you how to start a program, how to plan a strategy, how to lead a program, how to network, how to find if there is a program in your neighborhood… and many other things.

T/M Management Handbook. It is something like a Tutor/mentor program management handbook. Everything you need to know about how to start/support a good tutor/mentor program. Actually… almost everything; your contribution is essential to utilize that knowledge. You are the one who will convert that knowledge into real action. Or you can share that knowledge to somebody who will utilize it.