Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mercedes or...

Finally, after weeks of thinking what and how we will do with our network, we have a conclusion. PowerEdge 2900 III, Ubuntu Linux 7.10 Server and virtual Windows Server 2003 R2.

Powerful and easy to maintain.

It was hard to make a decision. We have a set of three ‘newer servers’ (Dell 4560, Compaq DL 380 & DL 580 and one old one which has an active directory.

9 years ago those three newer servers were top of the line servers. Something like Mercedes C class in the car industry. Pricy (~20-30K) and powerful. Who would not like to drive a Mercedes C-Class, even if it is 9 years old?

Well, in IT industry time flies at least 3 times faster and progress is much much faster.
Therefore very affordable servers (1.5K) are much more powerful than old ‘Mercedes’.

Affordable, powerful and you do not have to pay costly mechanics.
Good solution. Right?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The New SVHATS 2.0


The New SVHATS 2.0 is working, all users have their accounts and… we are ready for SVHATSing!

Here you can see the graphic presentation of the activities. Interesting; right?

That is just beginning. New features (calendar, dictionary...) are coming soon - so check for the updates regularly.

Hope to see your post in our SVHATS.

With best regards,


Friday, September 5, 2008

Team work

First month. It has been one month since I started working as an e-Learning and Technology Coordinator at Cabrini Connections.

Challenges. And, yea, it is interesting and challenging.

First week I spent mostly by researching: eager to find what is done and how it is done. There is 6 websites with domain names, many blogs, wikis, maps sites, local network made of 22 PCs and 6 Macs. Of course, the central point is a Compaq ProLiant 3000R server with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. 10 years ago it was A top model. Well, that was 10 years ago.

Priorities. Anyway, with hope that Compaq ProLiant 3000R will provide a quality service – as this server was doing for many years, we focused our energy on web development.

Therefore we both one affordable web site hosting package, so we can develop and test web applications without interfering with the existing web sites. On that site (MentorForMe.org) we made.

  • New SVHATS and online communication system is available at http://my.mentorforme.org/. It is based on Moodle. Moodle is one of the best (if not the best) and with no doubts, the most popular Learning Management System. Therefore, the new SVHATS provide us with many new and advanced features. The same software is used by some of the world best universities, corporations, elementary and secondary schools. And, of course, by Cabrini Connection volunteers and students.
  • Customer support center is available at the http://support.mentorforme.org/ web address. Customer support centre is actually ticketing system. So, whenever you have a problem with Cabrini website, or learning environment, you can send us a ticket, and we will fix it ASAP.
  • Improving Tutor/Mentor Exchange website. Plan for a new website is available at http://www.mentorforme.org/. There is still many things to do, but… please, have a look and send us a comment. Behind the new site is Joomla – one of the most powerful Content Management Systems in the world.
  • Proposal for Cabrini Project Management website is available at: http://dotproject.mentorforme.org/. It is made upon the dotProject - a web-based, multi-user, Project Management application. I believe that the dotProject is ideal tool to increase the result focused project collaboration and quality of project management in Cabrini Connections.

And we are almost done. A few more days and we can start moving that content from mentorforme.org to tutormentorexchange.net website.

Almost… It can take us more than a few days. Because our old friend – server Compaq ProLiant 3000R - wants to get retired. Last few days it was not working stable. Just today it crashed 2 times, the internet is not available at least 20% of time…, there is problem with the one of the hard disks and… The old boy is… old.

Therefore, as soon as we finish the website – our next priority is local network.

Hopefully our ‘old boy’ will serve us at least a next few weeks. Because, our new server is a big, demanding project, we will need a lot of help.

One powerful server with Windows 2003 was donated to us. However, we need somebody who can help us finish the migration from Win 2000 to Win 2003 server.

Can you help us?

Do you know somebody who can help us?

Knowledge, suggestion, support… everything is welcome.


Idea is Beginning,
Work is progress
Team Work is Success…