Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leadership Strategies

Leadership is one of the most important aspects of the organizational context. Where to go, how, who, what for… are just a few of questions challenging leaders. Leadership can be a role of one prominent person or role of groups, associations or even whole countries can be leaders. Each of us can/should be a leader as an individual or can be a member of a group that is leading school, club, corporation or… world into the better future.

In Cabrini Connections, we are trying to nurture future leaders; leaders that will help us build a society where everybody has a chance, where success is a choice – not something young people will or will not inherit from their immediate surroundings; a society that helps the development of each individual – to her/his full potential.

Here are a bunch of very interesting Leadership Strategies, which are well described at
Can you check a few of them and send your comments. What do you think about those strategies?
Do you know a leader you would commend or… what would you do/are you doing as a leader?

I am very enthusiastic about your comments!

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

We were visited by Orlando Pace, of the Chicago Bears on May 6, 2009. He talked of the discipline, and sacrifices, needed to become a professional athlete, or a success in any endeavor.

The idea behind Cabrini Connections is that our mentors can help expand the experiences for our teens, and that this will help kids build aspirations, and ownership, for things they want to do with their lives.

Finding this "switch" that turns on the motivation motor of a youth is not a science. It's not easy.

And, it's not likely that Cabrini Connections can keep kids and volunteers together, unless many people take on the leadership responsibilities of making this program available, and making it work.

The articles on the Tutor/Mentor Exchange site are intended to be read by youth, volunteers, donors and anyone who wants to reduce high school dropout rates, improve school performance, or help inner city kids grow up safely and be starting jobs and careers by age 25.

Many people need to take the lead to make this happen, not just the CEO, or Director of this organization. As more people learn to lead, and more kids become the CEO of their own future, more good things happen.