Friday, April 10, 2009

The future is already here - it is just unevenly distributed

You have a mobile phone: Right? A small gadget with digital video & photo camera, radio receiver, MP3 player and… Probably, you can browse the internet with your phone and you have a few video games – just in case. OK, some of us have the ‘old models’ without some (all?) of those features… Me, for example. However, sooner or later we will have newer model and…

And you have your MySpace/FaceBook/Blog Right?

All of that was like ‘science fiction’ 10 or 15 years ago... It was science fiction for most of us. Aforementioned technology already existed - for example MP3 was patented in 1991. Just the majority of us did not use it; did not even know about it. It was as William Ford Gibson said:

The future is already here - it is just unevenly distributed

The future is already here …

So, let’s say a few words about Choose Your Future web site. It is a website developed by Chicago Public Schools to enhance postsecondary education and student development.

Link is available in Links Library : College & Career >> Education Resources >> Career mentoring.
Or simply click was developed to provide students with the resources they need to plan a successful path to graduation and post-high school success.

Therefore, check the site, find more about ASAP (All Students Are Powerful) group, make a plan for your future and send us your comments.

What do you think about that site?

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